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Band of Oz - Extra Careful

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Our Favorite Shag Night Place

Jamil Shrine Center is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Featuring Free Shag Lessons the first Wednesday of the month.

Please email Marie Kiesel for deejay schedules and other information.

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Extravaganza VI

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How many eyes has a typical person?


Nat'l Fast Dance Association



Otis Paris, our CCSC Photographer took the pictures of all the happenings!  The First Place Winner of $100. was Frankenstein and His Brides with the Priest who Married Them! ( Nick and Georgia Colvin, Wayne and Lowry Stephens, Rose Lynn, and Mary Ann Game.)  The Second Place Winner of $50. was The Flasher! (Wayne Cabaniss.) The winnings have been donated to the RED BOX!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and all the fun last night!   Thank you, Otis, for taking all the pictures that tell the story of a great night!

Love to all,
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We would like to thank the 2013 CCSC OFFICERS and WELCOME our NEW 2014 OFFICERS!



CCSC Shag Extravaganza V Photo Album

Please click anywhere to view pictures taken from the event!

by: Dennis Brumble
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